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Doctor Consultation


Why wait to see a doctor, when there’s a doctor waiting to see you? The next time you or a loved one needs to consult with a doctor, have the doctor visit you. At home. At your convenience.

Each now and again, you’re certain to need to talk over with a physician for wellknown health check-up, seasonal fever, acute sicknesses, continual illness, and more. From consultation to treatment, the physician facilitates you at some stage in your healing. An in-domestic health practitioner service does exactly the identical. most effective, you don’t ought to pass anywhere. The health practitioner will visit and treat you inside the comfort of your home.



  • General Checkup
  • Diabetic Care
  • Ortho Care
  • Post-Hospitalization Cardiac Care
  • Post-Hospitalization Neuro Care
  • Home-Based Oncological Care


How Can We Help?

Our doctors work from home. Your home. They assess, diagnose and treat you depending on your need. Our general physicians have years of experience in the medical field and will treat you with patience and compassion.

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